Saturday, December 8, 2012

Resepi Buttermilk Chicken.

assalamualaikum and haaaaaaaiii everyone! hihi harini Shazzy terajin pulak nak share resipi buttermilk chicken edisi shazzy sendiri miahaha. tapi kena intro dulu jap, kalau nak skip pun takpela...... *duckface*

HAHA. since the very first day I came to UK, I realised that I REALLY have to cook to reduce my expenses as well as to accommodate the other 6 of my housemates. come to think of it, if everyone buys her own groceries, the kitchen will be stuffed especially the refrigerator. So, might as well cook. At least, if it's not your turn to cook, you can do something else, come back and have dinner straight away :) 

So, if I cook something that should be proud of, I will always post it to either facebook, twitter or instagram. Biasalah orang teruja dan jakun camtu ah. I was craving for buttermilk chicken for so long because I remembered the last time I cooked it was in April? KOT. So, some people just sent me comments as well as DM-ed me on twitter to ask for the recipe. So,Shazzy terrrrrajin pulak nak share kat sini sebab mesti orang lain nak cuba gak kan? kan kan kan? :P

So, here it is;
Ingredients (2 person)
1 egg white
1 table spoon custard powder/flour
1 table spoon corn starch
2 glass of milk
curry leaves
black peppers/chilli peppers
4 garlic (minced/cloves)
4 egg yolks
1 tsp salt
1 tsp soy sauce
dash of white pepper
6 btsp butter

Mix the chicken with a bit of salt, custard powder, corn starch and egg white. You can always decide on how long you wanna marinade them to make it more tasty but  20 mins should be good enough. Then, fry the chicken until the colour turns to golden brown.  

How to cook?
1. Heat the wok with a bit of oil
2. Saute the garlic, chili peppers, curry leaves & a pinch of salt
3. Put the butter on the wok.
4. Press the egg yolk and add onto the chicken 
5. Add some pepper + 2 glass of milk (If you want more gravy, put more)

So, that's it! Senang gila kan? Give it a try and lemme know how's everything okay? Good Luck! :D

1 comment:

azalia hjsalleh said...

x penah mkn
x leh bygkan rasa dia mcm mne
tp nampak sdp =)
nanti time cuti.. lya nak cuba resepi nie


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