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Monday, December 10, 2012

moments to remember.

hao hao hallooooooooo :D

okay I'm so excited to publish this post. Why? haha because as I was browsing through my older posts, I found something that I think, should be fun to be shared with you guys. Somehow, it makes me reminiscing all the memorable time that I had throughout my one year in IB. I also kinda miss all of them. Most of the things happened in IB kinda lead to the things that are happening in my life right now. why?

1. Without knowing what the Internal Assessment is all about, I wouldn't have been exposed to the long essays (4000-5000 words) at such a young age
2. Without IB, I wouldn't know how to read journals properly
3. Without IB, I wouldn't know how to appreciate the different & beatiful cultures that we have in Malaysia
4. Without IB, I wouldn't know how to converse with different level of people who might look down on us
5. Without IB, I wouldn't know the real meaning of true friendship
6. Without IB, I wouldn't get the chance to complete the CAS (Creative, Action, Service) where I got to involve in different fun and challenging activities such as batik painting, white water rafting, volunteering at zoo negara and many more
7. Without IB, I would've not experienced the 'lepak session till late night' with Fazlin, Akmal, Hakim, Firdaus, Hakim & Izzu especially
8. Without IB, I wouldn't know there are still many awesome people exist in this world
9. Without IB, I wouldn't be kurus as now sampai bagi TIPS KURUS eh kengkonon. HAHA I won't say kurus la exactly, but less chubby :P
10. Without IB, I wouldn't meet BUNNY :')
eh terbanyak pulak. niat sebenar nak tunjuk video ni je :D

and this too :D


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