Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey! It's December! :D

assalamualaikum and good day girls and boys! TEEHEE. eh tetibe teehee kenapa? 

Movember~~ :D

anyways, I have tons and tons of assignments to be settled in two weeks time! I mean, most of them should only be drafts, but one of them is the real one and 25% of the results will contribute to my final exam marks. my oh my!! I'm so gelabah right now as that assignment is quite complicated and I don't even know whether I'm doing it correctly or not. If you know what I mean? The other 2 should be done after the Christmas Break but you  people know how 'last minute' work kan? So, kalau boleh memang nak settle before that tapi.. so many things to do, so little time. Despite all that, I know that is how a student's life should be. I should appreciate & cherish this moment. In fact, all of us should!


have you ever come across these? 

"eeeee rindunya zaman sekolah"
"ala, rindunya nak stay up malam-malam study ramai2"
"kalau aku dekat U sekarang ni, mesti tengah sibuk berjalan pegi class, iron baju, gosip dalam kelas.."
"malasnya nak pergi kerja harini! meeting sana, meeting sini, kena siapkan proposal itu ini.."

yada yada yada yada yada.. and the list goes on..

So people! While we're still in 2012, do whatever you think the best for yourself while you're still given the opportunity to experience all that. Note to self!

see you soon! xoxo! *publish* 

eh! penangan 'Istanbul Aku Datang' ni :P

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