Sunday, July 25, 2010

twitter and sushi ♥

hey guys! do you have twitter? im currently super addicted to this twitter thingy, i donno why. i think its because i can say whenever and whatever i want. hahah plus, we can also communicate with the rest of the community. and the most important thing is i can make new friends! seriously. i can easily get along with them and sometimes we even hang out together. awhhh ♥

so, if you do, you can follow my twitter, click here :)

eh, suddenly i feel like eating the tropicana ice cream! uwaaaaa and im seriously craving for sushi. only my dad and I who really LOVEEEEEEEEEE sushi, a lot! especially unagi. but my dad doesnt really like it. *sebab dia terbayang belut tu berenang2 dalam air macam ular* it means that i can haveeee moreee sushi than him! wahahaha :D someone, please bring me to sushi king. NOW! haha.

please.......................... ^__^


Syida Shukor said...

tak suka sushi ! huhu

shazzy :) said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee napelaaa akak tak sukaaaaa =.=

MuNsYi SaMa said...

tak suke twit2. :P

shazzy :) said...

hahaha sengal je kalao tak suke takkan beribu tweet! :P


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