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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nottingham Games 2012

Assalamualaikum and good day ladies & gents! 

see my excited face :D

How are yousss? Hoping that youss will always be in the pink of health! Last 2 weekends (10-11-12) *aaaahhhh cantiknya number* I went to the Nottingham Games 2012. haaaaa, boleh refer dekat post tahun lepas ye Nottingham games 2011 :) waaaaa dah setahun masa berlalu, 2 kali dah Shazzy pegi sini. Still, last year was amazing. This year's event was bleerrghhh! Why? Because obviously I went there for Malaysian food though I could still find some of them here in Newcastle. Well, Newcastle isn't so bad okay? However, I was really disappointed with the Food Festival itself. Very few stalls, not enough food & closed at 4pm? Dude, even the closing ceremony was at 7pm something right? Be considerate la. Ramai lagi tak makan kot. Wa perut gajah pun makan sekali je k ini tidak adil tidak adil bagiku :( I thought this should be one of the biggest Malaysian event in the UK & Ireland? orang penat datang dari jauh nak makan & enjoy, ni yang jadi pacitaaaaaaaaaaaa? LOL over.  complain-complain gak, tengok-tengok muka ni gak yang datang lagi next year ptuiii.

Despite all that, I could still manage to meet these awesome IB people!! My reactions towards seeing each and everyone of them were totally different. sorang tu kena jerit, sorang lagi dijerit, sorang lagi diterkejutkan (BM hancus lebus), sorang lagi kena tanya, 'INGAT AKU TAK INGAT AKU TAK??' excited punye pasal weh -___-

girls' power! untunglaahhh sesape yang duduk dalam mascot tu, lelagi kalau lelaki. freeeeee je peluk ramai orang -___-


hmmm taktau nak taip ape dah. tengok gambaq jelah nohhhh :))

my blogger's mate; met her for the first time last year at Notts ;)

TGBIANS 07/08 REUNITED! ade lagi 2 orang yang tak masuk gamba sebab balik awal sangat boohooo!

mase nak balik tu BAAAMMM WE HAD A NIGHTMARE! Imagine we had to get off from the bus and stood in the middle of the road in a freaking cold weather as it broke down after leaving Nottingham for about 20km? JUST TELL ME ABOUT IT! Then, we had to wait for 3 hours for another bus to come, and so I had a cup of hot chocolate, 2 pack of sandwiches because I was super hungry! Everyone was actually *sigh*

Seriously? Hopefully next year's event would be better than this :')


Anonymous said...

Shazzy, U ada kenal any of Malaysian yg belajar di Greenwich University? I'm going to study there .

shazzy :) said...

alahai. I nak jawab pun taktau sape anon ni :( tweet me please! @shazzyyyyy


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