Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eid-ul Adha in Newcastle #Part2

Assalamualalaikum ladies & gents! heeeee as promised, this shall be my second post for Eid-ul Adha celebration in Newcastle. These events happened the day after Aidiladha itself though so after I had my dinner which was the last open house lah, I went to bed straight kot? eh ntah ntah. *pause lagu sebab tak dapat concentrate*

okay so the first one was BALAI's Newcastle open house. It was tremendously superb I should say. with the people who came, different types of food which made me feels as if I was home and the opportunity that I had, to meet other new students and most postgrades & families whom have stayed for quite sometime. eh tambah kenalan ape salah kan. bila mana lagi nak bersua muka & beramah mesra ye dok? haha nak cerita lagi but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves dulu :)

seeeeeeeee how happy I was being a student in Newcastle Upon Tyne? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH Alhamdulillah for His' blessings afterall. could not have asked for more :')

and so it finished at 4-ish like that. so long meh! then, after Maghrib, kak Hanis & kak Iylia invited me to go to Chef Ron's house. alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. alang-alang dah iron baju kurung, biar guna terus sampai ke malam. lagipun, dapat makan! hahahahahahaha ku memang perosak pantung cenggini.

again, Alhamdulillah. takboleh mintak lebih dah. cuba tengok ni! 

terliur tak terliur tak? hehe ala, Malaysia kan ada semua ni. tinggal usaha nak buat sendiri je :P

Then its time to bully the babies! heee I love kids! especially the cute ones! ada ke baby yang tak cute? haaaa maksudnya suka semualaaahhhh! wishing I could have at least one for myself in the future, Amin :')

oi! jangan pergi dlu! tak habis lagi ni!! hahahaha joking :P

last but not least, I went to Kak Siti's house. ni pun makanan tak menahan, Mee Rebus. KAW PUNYA WA CAKAP LU! *tetibe gangster ni apahal?* tapi serious ah sedap, me never like mee rebus but for this one terus nak kasi thumbs up! 

while the adults were having their reunion session, look at what I did! 

she loves me! :') I love you Rania. budak ni soooo cute till she melts my heart! ^__^
till we meet again sayang! time tu awak mesti dah tak ingat kakak Fatin tapi I'll show you our pictures nanti kay? :))

haaahhh u think this will be my last post for AidilAdha? WAITTTTTTTTT! hahaha I have another one. Stay tune! but this one no promises! xx

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