Saturday, June 30, 2012

upon arrival in Malaysia :)

assalamualaikum guys! hope everyone is in the pink of health! alhamdulillah life is good and getting better insyaallah. oh, results will be out in few days! pray for me pretty please! cuaknya ohmai ohmai! May Allah ease everything! hopefully i'll get a good result! AMIN!

it has been 20 days jugaklah since i'm back. been busy pampering myself with the beds, sunny weather, airconds, etc etc. plus, im so excited to continue doing my online business! yeay me! and all those things made me feel so lazy to update blog. serious. everyday I'll sit in front of the PC to stalk people but never felt like updating blog. Lazy Bump. 

these photos were taken soon when i arrived at KLIA on 8th of June 2012. I know right. bajet retis. i feel so blessed! HEHE, tapi memang mase nak amik luggage tu, rase mcm WOI BEG PAHAL ENGKAU NI LAMBAT SANGAT NI! heheh :D

anyhow, I'll update with moreeee stories soon. oh and please dont wait! sian korang tertunggu-tunggu :( tapi, kalau nak tunggu gak, apelah salahnya! :D


ieqa said...

All the best for your result.
And happy holiday! :)

ATHRHB said...

welcome back sister. hehe :D good luck for your coming result :p

Nor Amira said...

good luck :)


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