Monday, November 22, 2010

lets destroy eye bag :(

hey you guys. i google-ed on how to remove eye bag almost every week. i look ugly as it will start to appear every time i smile or laugh. i have no idea why my eye bag is too bad compared to my other friends :( is it because i spend too much time watching movie on lappy, twittering much, facebooking much? aaaaaa they are doing the same thing as well. but why mine is just too bad :( :(

see how bad my eye bag is. nahh then i found one of the most interesting articles about eye bag which most of the reasons that caused eye bag to appear are seriously true and i guess everyone does it everyday.

1. Lack of sleep and fatigue leave your eyes tired and swelled which in turn causes circles and puffiness around.

well, this is true. if i can recall back my old times at school, i realized that i rarely sleep at late night because we have to off the lights at 12pm. usually after i had such a long day at school, i will sleep early. really early. cuz there's no distractions such as fb and twitter! muahaha!

2. Daily stressful routine and depression are very much responsible.

with loads of assignments and homework i guess?

3. Improper diet lacking vitamins and other nutritional ingredients.

guess so. i dont think my diet is balance. sometimes i ate too little and sometimes i eat too much. that sucks you know!

4. Pollution


5. Watching TV and working on computer for long continuously.

no offence. i do this too :(

they also provide the ways to remove under eye bags naturally;

· This one is one of the best ways of all. Cut cucumber into thin slices and place it over your eyes for 20 minutes everyday and rinse with cold water. Cucumber has cooling and heeling properties which helps you get rid of tiredness and sun damage caused.

· Refrigerate the tea bags after having tea instead of throwing them in the bin. Soak the cold tea bag into water and place the damp bag on your eyes for 30 minutes and relax. Left out moisture in the tea provides relief and is very effective in removing the darkness.

· Take at least 8 hours sleep every night so that you wake up fresh in the morning and there is no stress in your eyes.

· Cut a potato into thin slices and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes and rest. Potato juice is considered the best for lightening the skin. Within a week you will see the difference.

· Massaging your eyes with castor oil for 5 minutes everyday will smooth hand movements is a great remedy for relaxing the veins around the eyes and for blood circulation.

· Take proper diet consisting green leafy vegetables, roughage and vitamins.

i think thats enough for today. gotta try this soon. if and only if im not lazayhhh :D

Remember you have to be strong from inside to look beautiful from outside.


Aimi Bahari said...

saya pun ade eye bag besar punye..
thanks for this info shazzy! =DD

eh castor oil tu minyak zaitun ke ape?

Eazy Izzuddin said...

lets loose the eye bag..

si suraya said...

hehe sama la kite punya masalah. tapi eye bag ni bukan senang nak hilang. amek masa . huhuu :(

azaliahjsalleh said...

x pe syg
u masih chantek =)

shazzy :) said...

aimi: tak sebesar saye la :( erk maybe kot i pon taktau hehehe :P

shazzy :) said...

eazy: awaok takde takpelaaaaa! haha

shazzy :) said...

suraya: tahu takpe. dr dulu lagi mmg dye takkan hilang, cume kecik sket2 then jadi blkkkk

shazzy :) said...

lya: tak cantik. buruk gila dgn eye bag ni :(

wazy said...

ooooo cmtu yek

shazzy :) said...

wazy: haha cmni la der :P

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

tak senang la nk ilang kalau ikut cara tuh.tapi member fahmie pergi treatment 3 kali je dah ilang.ape kate kumpul duit.then pg buat treatment.lagi senang.cepat dan effective.hehehe

shazzy :) said...

fahmi: tu nak kne pakai duwet, mahal kot. baek g shopping gune duwet tu hihihi :P

Anonymous said...

best yea dia leh berjaga malam. mai tak leh T____T


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