Tuesday, June 19, 2012


hello guys! im back im back from UK! :D 

oh btw, assalamualaikum! okay seriously, I've been postponing about this for a long time and guess i should really work my body off! (haha nak jaga tatabahasa punya pasal) 

korang mesti rindu updates from THE PRECIOUS PUMPKINS kan? hihi mengaku jelah :P and now im back with some stuff which are mostly from the UK. please spread the words and check them out! be quick because most of them are very limited! and of course, the price is also affordable!

instax album! tell me where you can find these cute and awesome albums hah? each album holds 64 instax photos which will only cost you RM45. purchase 2 for RM95 including postage!


while this album holds 120 photos and only RM85!


both bags are from Italy. RM60 EACH!

dresses RM30 each.

for more awesome stuff, visit THE PRECIOUS PUMPKINS on facebook okay? ;)

thank you ^___^

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