Monday, August 9, 2010

ho ho melaka!

hello everyone. sorry for making this blog private for a while but now im back. dont ask me why cz im not gonna answer that question hihi :P anyhow, im back for good and i think i might want to privatize it again sooner or later i donno. thank you so much for your attentions anyway :)

ive nothing much to write actually but i think i wanna share with you guys the memorable moments that i had with my IB dudes and babes last weekend. for who didnt know, i went for the IB CAS trip at melaka. its been awhile i didnt spent time with them and i really enjoyed my last weekend. when we were on the way to melaka, the bus needed to be repaired so we had to stop at senawang. so, we didnt have the chance to round Melaka which we were expected to arrive Melaka at 12 but in the end we arrived there at 4pm. so, we have to continue with our team buildings activities. and what goes around comes around truth or dare. haha lets keep it as our secret IB game :D

the next day, we went to the beach! for some beach games. but before 2pm, we were allowed to enjoy ourselves. some of us decided to swim, crawl up the rocks, fight in the water, camwhore and lots more! while i decided to relax my mind instead of getting wet hihiks :P

at 2 pm, we started with the douge ball game. my team was the first one to start the game. it was not fair but at least we scored for several times. and we were not as bad as the other groups. anyway, i really enjoyed the game when we were given the opportunity to hit people with the ball. muahahah!

seeee hero malaysia pon jatuh! ^__^

second game was the limbo game. but no one was holding the camera at that time so no pictures :')

the third game was the most common game which was building your group's castle which will represents your group cheer and logo. hahah so we are the cute rascals!

so we decided to choose mickey's face to represent the cuteness of our team members but at the same time being rascals :D

and at night, we had a treasure hunt at the jonker street. it was really fun actually seeking for stuff with the only money that was provided by our teachers. but but i was having terrible stomach ache indeed :'(

will continue about this later. see you! :)


Cik Akma said...

wahh enjoyynyee. ehh suke tshirt shazzyyy ;)

selamat berpuasa dikk~

Lupi said...

sapa baca entri ni esok kurg pahal pose die. hahah

shazzy :) said...

comel kan kan :P

shazzy :) said...

agak ah hahaha wooopsss! :P


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