Thursday, April 26, 2012

Firenze, Italia :D

Assalamualaikum guys! And so i shall continue my post :)

My next stop after Venice was Firenze aka Florence. We took a 3 hours train from Santa Maria to Firenze Rifredi and another 5 minutes train to Firenze Santa Maria Novella. We checked in into La Grande Cantoria Hotel. Though the place was quite hard to find as it was combined with other hotels, it was near to all important places that we wanted to go. Plus, it was very near to the train station. The guys who welcomed us were very friendly andthe breakfast was sent to our room.

Anyway, after checked in and performed our solat, we went out to apprreciate the time that we had in Florence as we decided to cut short our time in Florence and go to Pisa instead. Yelah dah sampai Italy takkan tak pegi Pisa kan? :)

Haaaaa shall i let the pictures speak again? :))

 tower bell

lawa gila kan tempat n?? nak nangis rase! :'D


P/s; for those who are planning to go to Italy, you guys should not buy shirts/souvenirs there as they were quite expensive compared to the ones in Venice or Rome. Hihi just saying, till then ;)


zazaw said...

ahh best nya shazzyyyyy

myra abdullah said...



Shiema Sufian said...

Seronoknya jalan jauh :D

shazzy :) said...

zazaw: hehe alhamdulillah rezeki nak jalan jauh :D

shazzy :) said...

myra: hehe thank you! :D

shazzy :) said...

shiema: hehe alhamdulillah :)

azalia hjsalleh said...

awok pun best jugak lepak jenjalan dgn kawan2 awok.. holiday sakan naaaa~~ =))

shazzy :) said...

lya: haha cuti sebulan pegi lah jenjalan :P


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