Sunday, April 18, 2010


have u guys seen this fan group?

yes, u SHOULD! cuz im really mad rite now! its like whatever u do is being controlled by someone, errghhh pffftt! but the thing is.. oh, wait! how about this? cool right??? like why the heck u cant see me when i am studying but whenever i am online, the annoying words are all around me =.=

this is why i dont like staying at home. im not free okay like i cant do anything. yalah, IB always forces me to use lappy, to find for flamboyant articles, various sources for homeworks. but then when someone is doubting me whether i am doing my homework or my "ownwork". itu memang menyakitkan!

tolong ah. i need a life. i am doing IB for you but why cant u just make me feel stress-free-from-home. i've got enough tense from sri kdu, please la im begging you please :(

i dislike IB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rintihan seorang pesakit hospital bahagia -__-

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