Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baby baby baby ohhhhhh ^^

kay kay like always, i'll get better if i got some sleep :)

haha! comel kan? well, im not his fan pon, just enjoy listening to his songs :P

oh btw, i was LMAO-ing when i read someone's conversation. you guys are freaking funny ohkay! duh! smlm dah settle 2 kerja, stylo habeh ah shazea! :D im waiting for my video to be uploaded in fb! sgt lambat okay menyampah betol. nak kate internet lambat, upload gamba td okay jek. agaknye, FB nak suruh aku study kot kan? haha :D

hah like i said in my previous post, we had a dress up week which hippie style/ 70's flowery was our monday theme. i wore a flowery dress but i felt so lazy to take picture on that day but wait, one thing! we supposed to have dance practice with ms foo. unfortunately she didnt come :( and she even didnt tell ms g for her absent cause us to stay at school until 5,30 without doing nothing =.=

okay people lets get back to work!

on tuesday, we have to dress up in superhero/ cartoon character :D

well u know i have 6 sibs! and most of them are guys! so we got thousands of character in our house. superman? batman? joker? doraemon? more and moreeeeeeeee but IDC!

haha so i chose to be like this :)

rawr! did i manage to scare you guys? hahah


dah la ade class test for econs at 8. mmg rushing habeh la kan :P

selimut belakang pon ade okay jgn memaen!

hahah from "my" point of view :)

then after having our econs class test, we rushed to the library cuz we suppose to have business test at 11 pulak! hoih dah la tak bace ape lagi ne =.=

but.......... sempat lagi amek gamba x)

hahah i seriously had fun on that day tapi tk smpt nak snap photos byk sgt sbb tak byk free periods but yeah wait for wed's theme :]

p/s ; header buruk, bekground pun buruk, nnt ah cr laen tarak masa la weh


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