Wednesday, September 21, 2011

flying off to Newcastle Uni :)

Salam and good day everyone :)

i'll be flying off to London tonight (Wednesday, 11.40pm) to further my degree at Newcastle University. Mohon doa restu from you guys. Wish me luck and pray for my success will ya? :) huehue :'D

sincerely : FATIN SHAZEA

girls and boys, your wall posts really made my day! feel being so much appreciated ♥

haha do u know how is the feeling when too many people respond to your status? rasa sangat dihargai =)

thank you so much people! and this is from my idol:

i am so speechless :')

doakan saya dapat bawak balik honors degree in Accounting and Finance from Newcastle University kay :))



ceriteraliyana said...

good luck!! jgn sia2 kan peluang yg ada..=))

Nisak Amin said...

Good luck Kak Fatin :) we'll miss youu hihi <3

myra abdullah said...

gud luck sis ^-^
wlaupun sy cume follower sis..
still feel proud to you!
hopefully one day i will further my study like you.^0^

nn said...

wow! good luck! all the best :D

Ola said...

sgt best!
gudlak babe!:D

Ateyn Bella said...

woww, terharunye bace puisi ur dad utk u :') good luck in ur studies ya. best tu dpt fly obersi :P

hanabunga said...

waah bestnyaaaa!!!ish i admirer u lah sys!gudluck there okay!

Siti Zuraina Bte Amran said...


kirim salam l0ndon erk..haha..

Aimi Bahari said...

wahh cmane boleh dapat degree kat uk? masuk intec ke ape? heee good luck!! :)

shazzy :) said...

thank you everyone :')


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