Monday, October 4, 2010

knock out! :D

assalamualaikum to all readers. gosh, i havent updated my blog since 3 weeks ago i guess? anyway, there's nothing much to say but i just want you guys to know that i've been facing with loads of assignments and tests. am not kidding you. every two weeks, i'll be having exams from monday to wednesday in a row. and i have no time to update my blog recently. i admit that i do sign in to facebook but some of you might notice that i rarely update my status since im not always in front of the lappy. fyi, i just finished my account, economics, english and maths tests last week yet i dont feel like typing a new post. i am so so sorry.

and im glad that i've reached 600 followers! a very big YAY to me since i rarely update my blog yet there's till people who are willing to wait for my new posts. arent you? hehe. eh btw, although i am not into facebook anymore *abnormal maybe*, i am very active with twitter. do tweet me if you're boring. my username is @shazzyyyyy haha but sory for troubling you with those 5 y's. since there's only 3 days left for hari raya, i would like to wish you happy eid ul-fitr. and thanks for those who invited me to your open houses :D and guess what? there are a lot more invitations such as kedu's students, one of my friends in mufy, my father's friend etc etc. i feel like bloated on every weekends. sigh =.= i dont wanna get back to the old FATIN SHAZEA! haha lol!

yeah and sukacitanya dimaklumkan i'll be having another tests next week from monday to wednesday. and if im not mistaken, only finals left. then, you know what i meant right? HOLIDAY! oh my god! cant wait. sadly, another 2 months for bunny to come back :/ but we're gonna spend time together for another 3 months insyaallah =) well do pray for my finals yeah? i know some of u guys have finished with the finals and are having a summer break now right?
fine fine =.="

last but not least, i wanna share something with you, people.

if in prayer, take care of yr heart. if eating, take care of yr throat. if in another man's house, take care of yr eyes. if you're among ppl, take care of yr tongue. Remember Allah & death. forget any good that u have done to another & any devil that was done to u by another :) - Luqman the wise.

take care peeps! :D


p a a n. said...

i always take care of what im eating thats why im fat

*setiap kali tgk gambar pegang cimbu merah tu mesti nak pitam hahaha

shima said...

haha.i pon ade sotong merah cimb tuh.:)

shazzy :) said...

paan: haha samelah! hehe. apesal sampai nak pitam plak? haha

shazzy :) said...

shima; hehe ni kawan i kasi :P

Hasrol Nizam said...

gudluck in your study.. =)

600 follower?waaahh..banyak tuu

shazzy :) said...

thank you hasrol :) hehe tak sebanyak org laen


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