Thursday, July 1, 2010

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee phuket so much! ♥

haaaa now its time for me to continue the lastest update of my trip to phuket. it has been a pleasure to share this with you guys okay? and truly, this was my best trip ever compared to london. and i extremely suggest you guys to go there anytime especially with your family ♥

on the last day, we went to the factory outlet. shopping timeeeee! haha i bought more than 5 t-shirts i tell you! murah sgt. menyesal pulak tak bli borong boleh jual kat Malaysia. agagaga :P

before lunch, we went to one of the temples in Phuket which i forgot the name of it! totally beautiful but i was not in the mood to take pictures there. haha biar betol? thats sooo not me! haha stop it, i was so hungry at that time. not only me but all of us actually. but then, the tour guide brought us to the beach first before lunch. sedih gila, perot dah berkeroncong SANGAT mase tu :'(

tapi takpe asal dapat amik gambar aku on jek! haha here she goes again :)

my lovely cousins ♥ i love you guys so much okek! and i so like this shot. macam one happy family ever! hahah

family ♥

and my siblings :)

the conclusion is you guys wont regret if you pick phuket as your next destination :)
what you can do in phuket?
bungy jump!
scuba diving!
elephant trekking!
eat pure thailand food miahahaha!

and lotssss moreeee :)

enjoy! ^___^


anithDEEBA said...

awww.jeles.jeles.jeles.penah gi bukan phuket. :'( i'll lah! :) btw,gojes lah u,yunx!

shazzy :) said...

okayy ajak ur family okay? hehe thnks babe :) name u kat fb ape syg?

nn said...

suka dress rainbow :)

Ruhil Rosley said...

wow nampak best, never been to thailand but almost there, i mean sempaadan jelah :)

shazzy :) said...

nn: thanks dear!

shazzy :) said...

ruhil: aagagaga try la once, best sangat :)

syaril said...

alahaii comelnya shazea dan adik2nya :)

nani :) said...

seronoknyeee. kite dah tengok gambar2 tu kat fb. heee
tapi kan kite suke la adek awak yg kecik sekali tu ape namanye eh. comel gila kotttt mcm kakak dia la ni kan. hee.
tarikkan pipi dia utk kite eh hihi :)

Syida Shukor said...

bestttnya ! lagi lagi bila tengok family yang meriah :DD

shazzy :) said...

syaril" aagagaga thnks a bunch!

shazzy :) said...

kak syida: hahaha memang best alhamdulillah ♥ :)

shazzy :) said...

nani: haha takpayah suruh saya memang tiap2 ari cubit DAN GEGET dia :P

cik helena said...

tak pernah sampai phuket!

baju sha cantik!suka gaya tudung tu :)

shazzy :) said...

heheh thanks kak :)


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