Monday, March 1, 2010

attention is more than enough :)

salam people :)
i should post this two weeks ago but first, i totally forgot that i haven't updated with this kind of post and plus, im too lazy to talk crap . well, IB sincerely teach me how to be matured ( HOHOHO pentipu ! ) okay done .

most people who have been tagged(FB) in this photo are aware of what am i talking abt . im sure u guys will immediately notice the word "UK" rite ? yea if u can see closely, it came from but a bad word but anyhow, it means a lot to me . and do pray for me yeah :)

btw, we went to Cheras to visit some of the individuals outside there who need our help. yeah sometimes our attention is more than enough to them rite ? :)

*anak menakan pak njang beratoq !

these 6 kids were enjoyed playing football in not more than 20 square feet of area , near the staircase. can u guys imagine that ? :(

meanwhile, we have a photoshoot too while going to another house at Tun Hussein Onn :)
this is what we call a satisfaction MIAHAHAH !

i loikeeeee these 3 pictures :D

i was being a "poyo girl" after abah said , " ten, go and pose like you did in Amsterdam with lotsa bikes but this one with motorbikes " :P

my goodness ! see ! 6 kids in a small room . no i mean , small apartment . this house should not be called apartment but perhaps, rumah pangsa :'( but this time, the kids was very excited and treated us as their family as well. we were there in about 2 hours , weeee :D

then , you guys know what ? we went to Equatorial Hotel to have lunch . at first, abah suggested we ate at Pavi because there are variety of foods at the food court. but then , abah didnt want to waste time but (its kinda waste of money though)

layan laaaahh , spagheti seafood . SUMPAH SEDAP ! hish

my beloved always ♥

okayy then gedik :P

1 plate = RM30-RM50
shoot !

my dad and my 3rd bro :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA satisfaction baby !

okay then , its 5.25 a.m . i dont why i couldnt sleep. i off-ed at 1.30 am and try to get some sleep until just now i decided to update my blog so that people WONT MISS ME :D ;D


Mr feckry said...

spegty tu cambest

Aweyn said...

mewah gilaa
mkn smpai rm500 +
hahaha ;D
kepuassannn x thingga ;D

embun d tengah malam said...

pic u semua cantik2

shazzy :) said...

hehehe mmg best pon ! :P

shazzy :) said...

hahaha satisfaction sayang :)

shazzy :) said...

heeee tq :)

zool said...

First time singgah sini....
Salam singgah

shazzy :) said...

thanks :)

ZE said...

salam perkenaln dari ku..=P

shazzy :) said...

same goes to u :)

Rashid said...

Nak peace V juga le..

Cik Akma said...

spagetiiii. nakkk :(


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