Sunday, January 31, 2010

the precious pumpkin ♥

okay okay people maaf lambat sikit , sikit jek :P

hehe okayy some of you guys dah tahu I ade buat business kecik kat myspace and ade once i penah post kat blog kan . so now ,

is now on FACEBOOK !

so be pleased to add me up / be one of the fans :)

the items now are just the same in the myspace account .

but no worries ! because i'll upload new stuff insyaallah on this week and its the Chinese New Year guys ! so , discountttttttttttsssss are available =)

heeee thnks for dropping by :)


azaliahjsalleh said...

masa begitu mencemburui masa kita untuk bersama syg

cik EPAL said...

dah ada fan :D


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