Monday, August 16, 2010

10/08/10 ^__^

heyyyy peeps! i should be posting this earlier but its okay. i would like to say thank youuuuuuuuu so much for all the birthday wishes! either in the class and also at the field. not to forget for those who wished me in facebook and also messages! i seriously appreciate that.

the first to wish me was of course my dad.

"Fatin - happy birthday dearest. You are the best thing that ever happened to abah and ibu, and we wont trade you for the world. Be the best person that you can be, love always - abah and ibu, and the whole tribe members at home and their respective hostels. Love you"

i was so touched when he wrote that on his wall. then, bunny called me! drama konon. haha ♥ ♥ you! :) after 10 minutes, fazlin called me. she sang me the birthday song followed by the rest of the dshire girls. they really made me teared. sedih sebab takda suprise semua :( haha demanding betoi. bangun2 pagi memang berduyun2 message masuk then ada yang siap buat post special lagi. this one from ila and from kak ain. omg terharu gila dang! i loveee you guys sho much. thanks thanks thanks and thanks :))

at night, i went out with my new mates and they paid for my kenny rogers!! hehe and i got a very nice bangle from talal :P oh, of course i want u guys to meet my new mates :)

lin hui and maggie. how gorgeous they are :D

maggie! she's from thailand. cantik kan kan kan? :D

weuhuuu thanks to talal and trevor too!

thanks again :))


Syida Shukor said...

shazzy , suka tengok mata that Thai's girl hee hee

::fatihahanapi:: said...

memg gorgeous kamu ber3...weee....

Farhana Malek said...

yee. ok kalau tak caya.
u ade bg email you.
naahh! betul tak ni email you?
kan? kan? yopu yang bagi i :)
kite knal kat myspace dulu..
FATIN FARHANA dah add you kat fb :DD

Farhana Malek said...

ohh. btw. like your pic. you, lin hui and maggie. :D cantikkk ;D


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